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What We Do

What is ACHIEVE?

ACHIEVE is a national network established to ensure equal opportunity and access to post-secondary education and training for people with impairments.

Who is ACHIEVE for?

ACHIEVE advocates and lobbies for people with a range of impairments who are transitioning into or studying in post-secondary education or training. For example; at a university, polytechnic, private training establishment, wananga or college of education.

Who can join ACHIEVE?

Anyone with an interest in post-secondary education and training for people with impairments can join. Corporate and individual membership is available.

ACHIEVE's membership may include:

  • Students with impairments, the Deaf community, their families and support networks.
  • Polytechnics, colleges of education, universities, wananga, private training establishments and other training providers.
  • Disability support staff and other professionals supporting students with impairments in post-secondary education and training.
  • Students Association.
  • Service providers and organisations in the disability community.

What does ACHIEVE provide?

  • A coordinated national effort in securing quality educational opportunities for students with impairments in post-secondary education and training.
  • Opportunities for members to network, support and learn from each other.
  • Monitoring of equal education policies developed by Government, the Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education Commission and post-secondary institutions, that impact on students with impairments.
  • Liaison with groups and bodies who have similar interests.
  • Advice, support and information.

What does ACHIEVE promote?

  • A commitment to the Treaty of Waitangi.
  • Public and professional debate on equal opportunity policies and practices.
  • Sharing of initiatives through research, publications and conferences.
  • Cooperation to ensure smooth transition for students with impairments.
  • Staff development for those supporting students with impairments.
  • Monitoring of services and support for students with impairments.
  • Best practice models for those providing services for students with impairments.
  • An environment where students with impairments can ACHIEVE their best possible academic outcome.

What are ACHIEVE's achievements?

  • ACHIEVE has played a key role in securing funding for supporting students with impairments in post-secondary education and training - most notably, the Special Supplementary Grant: Tertiary Students with Disabilities.
  • Fostered the development of a number of networks for students with impairments.
  • Advocated for, supported and played an active part in National Conferences and Gatherings for students with impairments and disability support services staff at polytechnics, colleges of education and universities.
  • Developed written information to encourage best practice and networking - Kia Ōrite Achieving Equity.

Become a Member of ACHIEVE

ACHIEVE welcomes new members. To become a member, please email for a membership form.