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Best Practice Standards 3.6


3.6 Services for Māori

Opportunities are promoted for Māori with impairments to access, participate and achieve in tertiary education with demonstrable improvements in participation and achievement rates.

Best Practice Standards

  1. Māori are involved in the development and implementation of strategies to achieve the outcomes outlined in the Code of Practice.
  2. General and specialist support for Māori students with impairments are developed in partnership with Māori, are culturally appropriate and accessible.
  3. Ongoing consultation occurs with Māori in relation to this support.
  4. Specific strategies are developed to encourage Māori with impairments to study at tertiary level.
  5. Participation, retention and achievement rates of Māori students with impairments have improved.

Understanding these Best Practice Standards

  • Strategies for Māori with impairments may include:
    • Having Māori staff within disability services and staff with impairments within Māori services.
    • Involving whanau and Māori networks in service development and support (e.g. having representation on Disability Advisory Committees from the local iwi and/or the wananga in that area).
    • Targeting specific recruitment programmes to the Māori community.
    • Ensuring all marketing information reflects cultural diversity.
    • Māori staff networking in the local Māori community.
    • Staff being aware of cultural issues influencing how people view impairments.
    • Linking Māori students into existing cultural support groups and services.
    • Developing relevant staff training.
    • Developing specific services for Māori as part of existing disability support services.