Learning Support Responsibilities Preparation

Who should use this toolkit?

This toolkit has been designed for the following staff within tertiary providers:

  • Teaching staff. 
  • All staff involved with assessment and the provision of exams.   
  • Technical staff including those providing laboratories, tutorials, etc.  
  • Specialist staff including disability support staff, sign language interpreters, note takers, readers, writers, specialist tutors and those providing exam support. 
  • General support services including all health services, student learning  services, student associations and those services providing academic, administrative and general support.
  • The earlier management responsibilities toolkit may also be relevant to some stakeholders.
  • Disabled learners, their family/whānau and support networks should also be active partners in the review and implementation of these learning support responsibilities. 

What do the learning support responsibilities include?

This implementation toolkit covers learning support responsibilities including: 

  • Principles of universal design in education 
  • Appropriate use of personal information 
  • Learning and teaching 
  • Examinations and assessment 
  • Learning support for Māori disabled learners 
  • Learning supports for learners with different impairments
  • Other diverse disabled learners 
  • General and specialist support services 
  • Transition into employment 
  • Staff development.

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