Management Responsibilities Toolkit Preparation

Who should use this toolkit?

This implementation toolkit covers management responsibilities and is designed for the following staff within tertiary providers.

  • Leaders driving the development, implementation and funding of the disability action plan.
  • Policy makers who develop organisational policy and procedures related to it.
  • Managers responsible for recruitment, selection, admission, enrolment, withdrawal and appeals, monitoring and evaluation of disabled learners.
  • Staff involved with IT and assistive technology for disabled learners.
  • Managers responsible for buildings, facilities and equipment.

Disabled learners, their family, whānau and support networks should also be active partners in the review and implementation of these management responsibilities.

What do the management responsibilities include?

This implementation toolkit covers management responsibilities including:

  • Recruitment, selection, admission, and enrolment.
  • Funding and withdrawal.
  • Complaint and appeal policies and procedures.
  • Buildings, facilities, equipment and infrastructure.
  • Health and safety.
  • New technologies, digital platforms and procurement.
  • Policy and planning.
  • Monitoring and evaluation.

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